NDT and OCTG Inspection Services

NDT & Inspection

OCTG Inspection Services
Omasup Energy Services Limited employs and deploys the global to best practices to assure customers well integrity through the performance of various OCTG inspection for excellent quality delivery.

Our inspections services  cover a wide range of OCTG Integrity checks which includes Visual Thread Inspections, Spot Wall Thickness Measurements, Grade Sorting, EMI on Tubing Body. Magnetic Particle Inspection, Black Light Inspections, OD Blasting, ID Cleaning, Hydraulic Pressure Testing, Bucking Services and other industrial requirements.

At OESL, We strive to meet customers needs through R&D and adoption of best practices. Thus, leverage on our strategic partners strengths to meet the needs of our customers whenever needed.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

At OESL, we undertake a wide range of NDT services through adoption of strict industry guidance and codes of practice to ensure excellent service delivery.

Our NDT services covers both standard and advance NDT technique deployment. We leverage on the strength of our partners and highly trained Inspectors with various certifications that includes SNT Level II in accordance to SNT-TC-1A in different NDT inspection techniques such as MT, PT, VT, UT, RT and ET to deliver superior services.

OESL and  Partners have the capability to certified a wide range of industry Premium & API connection and other Well Integrity assets.