Well Services Operations (RIGLESS OPERATIONS)

Our Well Services offering is tailored to RESTORE and REVIVE your mature assets in a rig-less operation.

Omasup Energy is your research and service partner for your mature field RESTORATION.

Omasup Energy through her assets and technical support partners, WE;

  • Help to analyze your well data and profile a restoration solution.

  • Help Research leading available market fit for purpose solution for your well optimization

  • Help remove Fish and any other types of Well Obstructions to gain access to your reservoir.

  • Offer Thru-Tubing Milling and Fishing Services and Thru-Tubing TAILORED Products for your Well PRODUCTION RESTORATION.

  • Help in project planning and management


OUR THRU-TUBING SERVICES AND PRODUCT PORTFOLIO leverage on Coil Tubing and other thru-Tubing conveyor units to offer;

  • Fishing Operations
  • Milling operations
  • Sand Washing
  • Well Evaluation
  • Stimulation
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Thru-Tubing Completions
  • Thru-Tubing Screens
  • Thru-Tubing Packer
  • Inflatable Packers and Plugs
  • Mechanical Plugs
  • Straddle System
  • Tubing Punch
  • Tubbing Cut
  • Tubing End Locating